Working with SMART Safety Group has generated remarkable improvement and results in our company’s safety program. Even with a 200% increase in our man hours over the last three years, SMART’s safety program has reduced our total recordable incident rate by 76% and experience modification rate by 42%. These results have helped our company improve productivity, lower costs, and implement a highly effective safety culture. We realize the value and benefit in working with SMART Safety Group and strongly recommend this company.

Joseph Andrew Chief Operating Officer Andrew Electric Company, Inc.

We were managing our safety program with internal resources at JMWilliams but were not creating the safety culture or achieving the safety results that met our expectations. Safety is critically important at JMWilliams and our goal was to do everything we needed to not only keep our own workers safety, but also our subcontractors as well. We needed help and started looking at other options to augment our safety program. That is where SMART Safety Group came in. We outsourced our safety program to SMART and quickly realized this was the right and best decision. SMART quickly got us back on track and became our second set of eyes and ears on all projects. Their team of safety professionals helped us update our safety program, perform jobsite audits, maintain OSHA compliance, and keep our entire workforce up-to-date on the latest safety training. SMART has been a tremendous resource and huge help in getting us where we need to be in providing industry leading safety across our company.

We believe performance is measured through results and can state that SMART has helped our company reduce its mod rate (EMR) by 38% with ZERO total recordable incident rate and ZERO lost time over the last two years – even with an increase in our man hours. Their comprehensive jobsite audits help our company identify and correct safety issues with both our own workforce and subcontractors. This is extremely beneficial for our supervisors, foremen and workforce in maintaining the safest and most productive jobsites possible. We definitely made the right decision in outsourcing our safety program management to SMART Safety Group and highly recommend their company and safety services to other general contractors and construction companies.

John M. Norton Operations Manager JMWilliams

SMART Safety Group has helped manage my company’s safety program for more than three years with excellent results. In a short period of time we had a significant drop in our incidents and OSHA recordables and a reduction in our Experience Modification Rate (EMR). With the continued efforts by SMART and my employees, this last year alone we had a dramatic reduction in our Experience Modification Rate (EMR) of more than 30%.

SMART’s team of safety professionals and services has improved our workforce safety practices and behaviors along with safety program documentation. The consistent safety audits help ensure all our jobsites and workers are operating in the safest manner possible.

As a business owner, workforce safety is a top priority and goal. I want each of my employees to return home safe each day. Working with the SMART team keeps me focused in achieving this goal. We value our partnership with SMART Safety Group and highly recommend this company and their safety services.

Jeff Dennis President & CEO US Sprinkler, Inc.

Our company provides staffing services to industries such as manufacturing, distribution, assembly, production, skilled trades, call centers and office administration. We are focused on not only placing the most talented personnel, but also ensuring the most effective safety practices are applied to protect all personnel.

SMART Safety Group has helped and supported our company in meeting this goal through keeping our regulatory safety practices and policies up to date, providing comprehensive job site audits, and delivering effective health and safety training. These services have elevated our company’s safety program above anything we could have developed or managed internally.

We have worked with SMART for almost two years and continue to be exceptionally pleased with their team’s service, dedication and commitment in providing unparalleled safety services across our company’s operation. We enjoy and value our partnership with SMART Safety Group and recommend this company and their safety services and expertise.

Angela Gentile Vice President Staff Right, Inc.

SMART Safety Group has worked with Mulkey Enterprises and managed our safety program for more than five years. I am impressed with their team’s level of service and ability and desire to jump through hoops I need to get the job done. SMART has taken a significant workload off my daily plate that has allowed me to perform more at Mulkey Enterprises.

I am continually satisfied…wrong choice of words…extremely happy with the business relationship we have with SMART Safety Group and strongly recommend their company and safety program management services.

Jeff Cull Project Management Mulkey Enterprises, Inc.

SMART Safety Group is a team of highly qualified HSE professionals with exemplary credentials and a wealth of practical experience. The expertise that they provide enables Maintenance Protection Systems to safely provide quality services to our client’s while simultaneously helping our company instill a safety-oriented culture across our organization. Their services are invaluable and unparalleled.

Sharon Naquin, Ph.D. General Manager Maintenance Protection Systems, Inc.

Having caught the attention of their industry background and record overall success, Project Builders, Inc. engaged SMART Safety Group with the goal to elevate our company’s overall safety performance.

Working with SMART for more than four years, our workforce safety awareness and culture has had a significant impact on reducing incidents and supporting our Supervisors in better evaluating and managing Subcontractors. SMART provides up-to-date policies and guidance to maintain our company’s OSHA compliance.

SMART Safety Group is a valuable member of our team and I recommend their safety services to any company looking to improve safety performance and compliance. Thank you for your support.

Scott C. Walker President Project Builders, Inc.

NPSG Global has been working with SMART Safety Group for several years in filling a large number of staffing positions. SMART’s flexible and cost-effective safety staffing and management services has allowed us to maintain a consistently strong safety program that we have been able to quickly scale while rapidly expanding our business.

Having SMART be an integrated part of our team at NPSG has afforded us a level of safety expertise that we would not be able to achieve through direct hiring. I would recommend having SMART as a key component to any growing company’s safety program.

Tad Selby CEO NPSG Global

Over the last 10 years PMC has experienced strong growth from 20 employees and one location to more than 100 employees and three locations. With that growth comes the challenge of always keeping our employees safe. We hired SMART Safety Group to manage our company’s safety program and ensure we provide the highest level of safety for all our employees through effective safety policies, practices and documentation, as well as keeping our company OSHA compliant. We could not be more pleased with their team and results and recommend SMART Safety Group and their safety management services.

Gregg Miserak Vice President of Operations PMC Building Materials